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One can survive for longer without air than without hope. 


An edition of prayer card sets carrying messages to provide a reminder of hope in times of uncertainty. The cards adapt sentiments from traditional recipe, food preparation and conversation and reinterpret them as small prayers. A small dispersible publication to be carried easily in the pocket for as long as needed. 

A small edition of handbound books collecting text and photography, published under Pearl Moss Press. 


Text and essay examine the ritual and small acts of prayer in food preparation and recipe, emphasising the value of hope in times of uncertainty. Three sculpted tools for the incorporation of air are documented with their respective descriptions. A pillow formed of thistle-down is laid down between the pages, enveloped in a case of cotton.

A series of three silent films displaying tools for the incorporation of air.


Three sculpted tools, made of scavenged materials from both the foreshore and the scrapheap, are unashamedly handled whilst being described to the viewer. The tools’ main purpose is to incorporate air into food: that which we collectively breathe yet now holds mistrust and suspicion when taken into the body. In traditional preparation practices, incorporating air into food provided heightened sustenance and rituals around food created a camaraderie with the unknown. In times of skin hunger, the rituals of food preparation behave as small acts of prayer, enacting careful touch and tenderness.

prayers for the ungodly was commissioned by underGROWTH, co-curated by Lauren Sheerman and George Ttoouli with The Pod. underGROWTH is supported by funds from Heart of England Community Foundation as part of the Coventry City of Culture Roads to 2021 programme.

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