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For reasons unknown

For reasons unknown

a coupling

a collection of people of objects and stories

your stories are fated encounters, actions

or missed encounters and the wonderings

of what is not this                                     here

instead it happened like this



a diving beetle under fragility

a relationship on ice                 

seeking perspective from


a nurturing process,  it all being in the rituals

and the simplicity and tenacity of growth

sometimes struggling through,  resilient

yet absorbent

fruitful  pink and yellow gills


in our creature surroundings

with a Boy’s deep listening

and the growing and the not knowing

teaching small irises of contentment


and then

soaking in salt water

forming little crystals    sometimes

crystalisations    realisations of thought

sometimes just soggy crumblings

and damp embraces

a pillow  come rest your head

on the dusk shore

with everything breaking in the iridescence

but For strength

there’s being on the water

and in the water

skin shaking and dripping alongside each other

a strand of sugar kelp drawn out slowly

through your dreams

there’s magic in islands and isolation

in being seen and known closely

and the fear of losing


seeking vulnerability

as a place to be

revealing a changing world through the details

the collections and the delicacy.

'For reasons unknown'

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh


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