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Patience and the grass shall become milk

The temporality of the landscape is dominant in the Netherlands, in the continual renewal and adjustment of boundaries of land and water, the tenuous relationship between salt and sweet waters and transformation of liquid and solid matter.

Through text, gastronomy and sculpture, this body of work examines topics including: cheese-making as domestic rebellion, stability and rooting in the dunescape, the aging of cheese, and preservation of the self.

Parallels are investigated between elements of what we consider ‘natural’ landscapes and human altered lanscapes, the non-human and our personal emotional states. As such, how we can recognise aspects of ourselves within the landscape and the landscape within ourselves, leading to a reconsideration of dichotomies of nature and culture.

The project culminated in a collection of limited edition preserves, sculptural exhibition at Storefront 181, Amsterdam, a series of crocheted hand dyed cheesecloths, an extended essay awaiting publication and a poetry pamphlet titled 'for the blessed yet fearful' published under Pearl Moss Press.

'Patience and the grass shall become milk'

Storefront 181, Amsterdam


>in residence at Cultureland, NL

>research blog

just One thing,

the way the grass feels soft around my feet in the morning, yet holding the dew

the cut parts

Dusting. Extra Soft.

back on warm concrete

I can see the light’s changed to the Blue hour

and I realise why these cows are comforting, so familiar to see

Their backs when they lie, similarities with the human.

the back of our torsos with bones pointing and ribs and contorted yet resting.

with silky skin to reach out, to touch

I reach out my hand and hover it over your shoulder blade

even your face is squashed Closed under the cover.

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