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because they cannot lay an egg in the sea

“Precarity is a state of acknowledgement of our vulnerability to others…

What if precarity is the condition of our time?”

- Anna Tsing

‘because they cannot lay an egg in the sea’ is concerned with precarity and vulnerability in both the realm of the personal and the global. Drawing on direct experience of the natural world, and particularly the island shoreline, the exhibition combines sculpture, writing and the edible; submerged in the sensory.

Materials used are those which change state, behave unpredictably and demonstrate transitional processes; evaporation, crystallisation and clarity.  These materials draw parallels with elemental beings, and the work explores reflection of and dialogue between the elemental and our mental and emotional states. Objects encountered at the shoreline are re-imagined and imbued with new narratives, accompanied by texts that draw on a personal narrative.

the fulmar

they nest because they cannot lay an egg in the sea


Battling the island's bare reveal


a cat licking themselves in a cold grass bed

concentrate on the bedraggled brown stems

strands of hair blowing in between my eyelashes

pouring coffee into your ears

the sea is a mat of hair moved by the wind

to squash gently on the tongue

giving sand in between rivulets flowing forward

to sink into slight, unstable ground

heat of the open fire on my soles

holding a warm bannock to my lips, a

pillow leaving flour fragments

like Luskentyre on your cheek

touching custard flesh with the pads

of fingers  a skin-like solid

fog in the blue hour

whispering in your ear like an electric cable

in the imagined archipelago

Bedding the bog cotton

yet they still waver and waver


tugging on the thread

'because they cannot lay an egg in the sea'

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh


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